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Working for Jesus while working for the city | News

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Working for Jesus while working for the city
Working for Jesus while working for the city

Tampa, Florida -- It is a construction company in Thonotosassa that wears its religious beliefs out in the open.  Dallas One Construction and Development  also hangs tags saying its purpose is "to glorify God with the most excellent products, so our Lord Jesus might say, 'Well done good and faithful servant.'"

Tampa City Attorney Chip Fletcher says the company is like anyone else in professing their faith and it is not the roll of the city to deny that.

However, Fletcher admits some have questioned the fact Dallas One Construction hangs the tags while they do contract work for the city.

Fletcher says it's not the first time the issue has come to the attention of the city. He says the city looked at the flier originally, and the company said it was doing it on its own time.

But Dallas One Construction says by putting the signs up in the neighborhoods where it does work, it just wants to tell homeowners about the company and its beliefs.  President Bart Azzarelli says the last thing the company wanted to do was irritate anybody with the signs.

Azzarelli says the company wants to be a good neighbor. He says they make enough of a mess when they come in and do the construction, and they want to let the people know who they are and what they stand for.

When we told Azzarelli some Jewish people said they were offended, he told us they shouldn't be.

He says, "The person of Yeshua that came to be our Lord and Savior came to bring back unity to the house of Israel." Azzarelli says,"We don't want to push our Jewish brothers away, but come together and recognize we are following the same God."

In neighborhoods where the construction is going on, some people like Diane Fielding support the company. She says it seems to her that Christians are getting the bad end of the deal. Fielding says they are asked to take down the Ten Commandments and everything they stand for.

However, the fliers make others like Mike Depue, who is the head of coach of Robinson High School, uncomfortable. Depue says working for the school system, he understands you have to keep a fine line between religious and secular. Depue says he thinks the flier is a stretch and is cutting the fine line rather close.

While the line may be close, it apparently hasn't been crossed.


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