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Driver in UT student hit & run makes plea deal | News

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Driver in UT student hit & run makes plea deal

Tampa, FL --  A man accused of hitting and killing a University of Tampa student walking along Kennedy Boulevard has made a plea deal.

In November 2009, investigators say Andres Trujillo was driving westbound when he veered onto the sidewalk, hitting Erik Nicoletti and Cree Riley, and then took off.

Nicoletti's family took him off life support after he was declared brain dead.

Riley also was hospitalized and has had several surgeries. She told 10 News tonight she still has problems with her knee and her jaw.

"I had to have another surgery on my right leg because my muscle had calcium build up where it had calcified and turned to bone," Riley says, "so they had to go in and scrape it off because I was not able to bend my knee. My jaw is still messed up because of the severity of the break. I am only able to open it barely 3/4 of an inch and have been to about six specialists to try to get it fixed but because the break normally kills people. The specialists said that, if they do surgery, there's a good chance it'll cause brain damage if I even make it through the surgery."

"I have still not completely come to terms with the plea," she adds. "I don't understand how someone can take a life and only serve 15 years in prison. If they even get that. He will be out when he is 42 years old, where he still can live his life and with all the priors, I just don't understand it."

Trujillo pled guilty to leaving the scene with injury and leaving the scene with death. In February, he'll be sentenced to 15 years in prison, 15 years probation, and lose his license for life.


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