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YouTube legend shoots newest video in Tampa | News

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YouTube legend shoots newest video in Tampa

TAMPA, Florida -- He figures if Britney Spears can do it, he can make a career out of lip-syncing too.

Keenan Cahill, 15, a Chicago-area native who has broken into the national spotlight by posting videos of himself singing other people's songs, believes there's no limit to how far he can take what was just a hobby a few short months ago.

Photo Gallery: Keenan Cahill's Video Shoot

After singer Katy Perry applauded his "Teenage Dream" performance on her Twitter page in September, Cahill's career has taken off.

He's swapped Tweets with other celebrities, rapper 50 Cent came to his home to co-star in another YouTube video, and now Cahill is getting paid to appear at clubs around the country.

Click here for Keenan's YouTube channel

After a three-song lip-sync appearance at Tampa club "The Drynk" on Saturday, Cahill spent his Sunday shooting a new video at the Marriott in Downtown Tampa.  Up-and-coming artist Andy Grammer flew all the way from Los Angeles to co-star in Cahill's newest production.

"On YouTube, I totally goof off," said Cahill, a high school freshman who still travels with his mother and, now, his new management team too.

Cahill wants to eventually get into acting, but admits he's a bit nervous about how to accommodate the demands of his health care.  He was born with a rare genetic disorder, Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome.

The disorder creates a dwarf-like appearance in some patients, and Cahill's metabolism and joint problems have already required nine surgeries, including brain stem surgery.

"Kids with disease or disabilities - they say, you know, 'If he can do it, I can do it too,' " Cahill said.  "Maybe I was blessed with the disease since my appearance gets people kind of wondering.

"(But) sometimes, I get nervous about the future. If this does go for as long as it can, I'm worried how I would get my surgeries if I'm all the way across the country."

There's no end in sight to Cahill's medical treatments and surgeries, but there's also no end in sight to his surging career.

As the requests for his time and endorsement continue to pile up, his family and management team are carefully selecting which opportunties they'll allow the teen to explore. 

In the meantime, he'll continue with his education, his videogame hobby, and his entertaining lip-sync channel on YouTube.

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