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Pizza robbery victim fights back, takes suspect's ID | News

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Pizza robbery victim fights back, takes suspect's ID

Tampa, Florida -- Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies say a robbery suspect decided he'd first eat a slice of cheese pizza before holding up the Orient Road Westshore Pizza on Tuesday night.

But, it seems he picked the wrong person to mess with that night.

"I hear the gun open and he put it here," said the manager, Mohamed Bassioni as he pointed at his waist, "And said, give me all your money."

Bassioni tells 10 News he complied with the suspect's request and opened up the cash register, but as the man was stealing the cash he made the decision to fight back.

"I say, I think God will take care of me, so at that time, I held his hand with the gun and we start to fight," said Bassioni, "He tried to pull back, he said, 'you're a dead man' and I said, 'either one, either me or you will be dead."

As the two scuffled, the gun went off, striking the floor where a bullet hole remained Wednesday afternoon. 

Bassioni managed to get the gun away from the suspect, Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies identify as 22-year-old Anthony O'Neil Kinloch.

Even after getting the gun away from the man, Bassioni says he continued to struggle with the suspect.

"When I hit him, he said, 'Man, man, I have a baby'.  I said, 'screw you, screw your baby, I have kids too.  You could kill me.  What's it mean, 'I have a baby'?  You didn't think about 'you have a baby and then come steal," said Bassioni.

Before the young man took off running, Bassioni managed to remove the suspect's hat, one glove and sweatshirt that had his cell phone and ID in the pocket.

As Bassioni called for help, so did Kinloch.

Deputies say Kinloch called to say HE had been attacked by two men.

The discovery of his cell phone and ID at the Westshore Pizza store provided a different version of his story.

Kinloch was arrested at his home.  He is facing charges of robbery and aggravated assault.

Bassioni can't figure out why the young man thought why the alleged crime was worth it.

"Whey do you go steal?  You're stupid.  You steal how much? $700, $800?  This is going to make your life?  This is going to make you rich?  It's nothing," he said.

Kinloch remained in the Hillsborough County Jail Wednesday night on no bond.  The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says he has no prior criminal history in the county.

"Life is hard for everyone.  For everyone it's hard, so why don't you go try to work, try to find a job to work instead," he questioned.

By Wednesday morning, Bassioni was back to business as usual.

While law enforcement do not advise someone to fight back against an armed robber, Bassioni said he'd do it all over again if he had to.

He says when he told his family about the confrontation, they grew teary eyed.  But he told them, "Don't worry. Believe in God and my life.  God still has a life for me.  He didn't take my life, so be happy, you know?"



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