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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire: 2 Council members break promise | News

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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire: 2 Council members break promise

Tampa, Florida --Two Tampa City Council Members are under fire tonight for doing something they said they wouldn't do, run for re-election.  Council members Curtis Stokes and Yvonne Yolie Capin were appointed to council this summer to fill the unexpired terms of two members who resigned to run for Hillsborough County Commission. 

We told Stokes we were doing a story called "Liar, Liar Pants on Fire." And wanted to know why he shouldn't be included in it.

Both answered no on a form asking if they would be a council candidate in the March election, they both changed their minds. 

Capin says she wrote no, because that's what she meant. However, Capin says since she filled out the form she has found she works very well in City Council.

Stokes says essentially the same thing and bristled when we asked if this is what gives politicians a bad name. Stokes says he doesn't consider himself a politician, he considers himself a banker. We reminded him that he is a politician now and one that is running for re-election when he said he wouldn't. 

And while the candidates who signed the application forms for appointment to city council said they wouldn't run in the March 2011 election and are now running say that see nothing wrong with it, Council member Charlie Miranda says there is no question it is not right. 

Miranda says once you say you're are or are not going to do something and then turn around and do the opposite is a reason why the public looks at them with doubt. 

That's what we found from most voters who agreed with Jeff Collett saying it sounds like a dishonest politician. However, some were willing to give the pair a break. Ocea Lattimore says politicians can have a change of mind and it doesn't bother her. 

When we asked Capin how the public can trust her, she told us they will have to look at her voting record. When we reminder her that her record of the form says she does something other than she says she will do. Capin says the form only said did she intend to run and at the time didn't.

The question now is do voters intend to cast a ballot for two politicians who say one thing a do another.


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