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The check is NOT in the mail | News

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The check is NOT in the mail

Tampa, Florida - Anthony Triola is proud of his profession. He's coordinating scaffolding for major construction projects across the country. But Triola isn't proud of being on unemployment-still the checks help his family get by.

"It helps ease it. It could be a lot worse if there wasn't unemployment," he says standing with a hard hat that he hasn't had to wear for months.

And for million of Americans, the unemployment checks are going to stop coming, because this week Congress let extended unemployment benefits expire. The extended benefits had helped the unemployed, beyond the 26 weeks provided by states.

Michael Lawrence says those extended benefits helped him survive. 10 News talked with Lawrence at a One-Stop Career Center in Tampa, where he goes daily to look for work. Lawrence says he's already lost his trucking business and his home and with no check coming in, his future is uncertain. "I dread the thought of where I'll be six months from today," he says.

It's estimated that this week more than 100,000 Floridians will see their extended benefits end and thousands more in the following weeks.

As for Triola, there will be fewer gifts under the tree this holiday for his two children. "The kids understand that; we've had talks with them," he says. And his wish for the New Year - a new job.

"I'm just trying to stay positive and go out there and put the resumes in and talk to the right people."

One-Stop Career Centers offer job-hunting help and training for free. Click here for more information and locations.

Click here for updated information on unemployment benefits.


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