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Ice cream truck driver arrested for Thanksgiving murders | News

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Ice cream truck driver arrested for Thanksgiving murders
Ice cream truck driver arrested for Thanksgiving murders

Ruskin, Florida -- An ice cream truck driver who was shot in January has been arrested in connection to the Thanksgiving morning shooting that left two brothers dead and four others injured.

One of the four surviving victims remains in critical condition.

39-year-old Michael Keetley was arrested at his home in Wimauma Thursday morning and is facing two counts of first degree murder and four counts of attempted murder.

Detectives say Keetley is a robbery victim himself, who became obsessed with finding the men who robbed and shot him as he worked out of his ice cream truck in January.

Pictures: Michael Keetley's ice cream truck

According to his arrest report, Keetley offered a $1,500 reward for the person who would bring the perpetrators to him so he could "take care of them."

Detectives say Keetley recently became aware that a man nicknamed "Creep" was involved in his robbery.

While the shooting victims knew a man named Creep who lived a few doors down, detectives say they did not have anything to do with Keetley's robbery.

They also don't have evidence "Creep" had anything to do with the January robbery, according to Sheriff Gee.

It was an unfortunate case of bad information that led to a deadly collision between the innocent bystanders, and a man fixed on revenge.

As seven young men played cards early Thanksgiving morning on the front porch of the Ocean Mist Court home, detectives say Keetley drove up in a minivan and pretended to be a law enforcement officer.

He was wearing a shirt or vest that said "sheriff."

Detectives say Keetley asked for Creep and when the men said they didn't know him, Keetley then told them to get on their knees and show their identification.

That is when Keetley allegedly shot the six people, one by one.  A seventh person on the porch may have been saved when one of the victims fell on top of him.

Brothers Sergio and Juan Guitran died from their injuries.  The four others are recovering at area hospitals.

"It isn't going to bring her sons back," said the Guitrans' uncle Jose Quezada, regarding Keetley's arrest, "This nightmare is never going to end."

"I'm glad he won't be able to hurt other people," he said.

The sheriff's office says it served a search warrant on Keetley's home over the weekend and found sheriff's vests, bullets matching ones found in one of the victims and a notebook that had "Creeper's" real name written inside.

Sheriff Gee says the bullets matching ones found on the crime scene were found on a old minivan that appears to have been used for target practice.

A witness came forward, saying Keetley told her a week before the Thanksgiving shootings that he had met with someone to purchase another gun, because he needed something "more comfortable for his hands." Keetley also allegedly made a statement to her about how he could understand why "vigilante violence" occurs.

10 News spoke with Keetley not long after he was shot in January.  At the time, he had limited mobility of his hands as a result of the shooting.  He told us he wanted the people responsible for his robbery caught, calling them "absolute scum."

He added, "If they were so brazen to shoot me like this over $12, they're going to just kill anybody. They don't care now.  They don't care."

Keetley was arrested over the weekend on an unrelated charge of violating a domestic injunction filed against him.  Sheriff Gee says Keetley had ongoing disputes with neighbors and because of the repeat violence injunction, he was not allowed to possess a handgun.

A fund has been set up for the Guitran brothers' mother:

Fifth-Third Bank
Quezada Family Fund

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