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Cops search for man who stole 75-year-old's groceries | News

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Cops search for man who stole 75-year-old's groceries

TAMPA, Florida-- "I hit him twice with my cane and he told me, 'You're crazy!'"

Barbara Felder may be 75 years old, but she is a firecracker. She says a man who she's never seen before stole her groceries and her cash while she was walking home from the store.

"He wasn't reaching for the heavy bag with the milk and juice, he was going for the lighter bag. At the time, I couldn't figure out why except that maybe he wanted my chicken dinner," said Felder.

It all started inside the Marathon Gas Station on 40th Street in Tampa at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning. Surveillance cameras captured the suspect walking into the store and heading straight for the bathroom.

Store worker Gilbert Perez kept an eye on the surveillance, and illustrated the video, giving 10 News a play-by-play of what happened.

"OK, you can see him walk in through the front door and he goes toward the bathroom and he stays in there for like 35 minutes," said Perez.

Store manager Basit Ali examined the surveillance video and said something wasn't right.

"He looked as if he was under the influence of something, like he was on something, because he stayed in the bathroom for half an hour, and that's just not normal," said Ali.

The suspect then left the bathroom, exited the store, and headed toward Felder, who had just left and was walking home.  

According to the Tampa Police report, the suspect approached Felder, asking her if he could help her carry her bags. Felder refused and kept walking, but the suspect insisted. After a third attempt to carry her groceries, the suspect pulled a knife and took Felder's bags, one of which contained her wallet with her bank card and $145 in rent money.

"He pulled the knife but I didn't think he would actually use it, but he took my bags anyway. My wallet was in one of the bags, and that's what he was going for," Felder told 10 News. "He must have seen me drop it in there."

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