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Victims fight back after home invasion in Tampa | News

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Victims fight back after home invasion in Tampa

TAMPA, Florida - A suspect behind a Tampa home invasion remains in critical condition after police say his victims fought back. It happened at an apartment along the 10,000 block of North 10th Street just before midnight Tuesday.

Tampa Police said it started when Jheryl Dennis answered a knock on the door, thinking it was his roommate. According to investigators that's when the suspect, identified as Nartavleon Evans, forced his way inside armed with a gun. Police said Dennis was forced at gunpoint to a back bedroom where his roommate, Clifford Gray, was sleeping. Gray said he was then woken up by a gun to his forehead and told to get down on the ground.

"I'm still weak in the knees. I'm still jittering in the belly and everything,"said Gray.

While Gray was on the floor, Dennis was able to grab the suspect and started struggling with him. According to police, during the struggle several shots were fired and Evans was hit at least once with a bullet from his own gun.

Gray said he and his roommate did what they had to, to stay alive.

"We didn't want to hurt him. We just wanted to get the gun from him and restrain him, but he ain't trying to do that. He trying to shoot us," said Gray.

According to Gray, during the struggle he got a machete to help out his roommate. He ended up cutting Evans several times and also accidentally cut Dennis. We're told Dennis was taken to the hospital for stitches.

Evans is in critical condition at Tampa General Hospital.


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