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National "Dump the Pump" Day 2013 | News

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National "Dump the Pump" Day 2013
National "Dump the Pump" Day 2013

Hillsborough County, Florida-- The eighth annual National "Dump the Pump" Day takes place today, June 20, and the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) hopes to highlight the upside of public transportation for the county's senior citizens. 

An event at the Town 'N' Country Senior Center will be just one of the ways they spread the word that using public transportation can not only save seniors money, but also keep them safe at a time when driving can turn into a difficult and dangerous task. 

"By using public transportation, older adults can gain access to the services that they need in an efficient and safe manner to help them remain independent and active in their community" said Lisa Bacot, Executive Director of FPTA. "This will also help them prepare to transition from driving when it's no longer a safe option."

After learning about the available transit services and the related benefits, HART reps will board a bus with participants  so they can experience the ease of the system first hand. 

Considering the SMFLC listed Hillsborough County as one of the Top 10 Priority Counties because of recent crash statistics for drivers over 65, HART reps hope their "Dump the Pump" Day message will be heard county-wide!

**SMFLC's website says Pasco and Hernando counties will also take part in National "Dump the Pump" Day. Their take on the initiative sends a more widespread message, encouraging residents of all ages to consider kicking high gas prices and car payments to the curb. Below are links to the public transportation providers in those counties**

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