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8-year-old back home after dog attack | News

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8-year-old back home after dog attack

Tampa, Florida - A terrier attacked an 8-year-old girl Sunday afternoon while her family was dog-sitting for a family member. 

A neighbor who did not want to be identified told us she had seen the dog roaming the neighborhood before and was frightened when she was cornered by it in her yard, just days before the attack. 

"He came to the side of my yard and was growling at me," she said. 

The attack happened at the 8-year-old's home in Progress Village. She was immediately rushed to a local hospital by Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.

"We confiscated the dog yesterday, immediately after the incident and gave the family some time to take care of the medical situation," said Ian Hallett, Director of Hillsborough County Animal Services.

Animal Services spoke to the family of the little girl and the owner of the American Staffordshire terrier, but they don't know exactly what happened yet.

"It would be good for everybody to get their animal neutered as soon as possible; it can help prevent things like this," said Ian.

The victim was released from Tampa General Hospital.  As for the fate of the dog that attacked her, that will be determined after a full investigation is complete.


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