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Red Elephant Cafe helps local charity | News

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Red Elephant Cafe helps local charity

Tampa, Florida - Some say it's all about the food but for Red Elephant Café in Tampa, it's about the food and more.

"We work like farmers here, so we don't have as much time as some other folks... so it's kind of good we can give what we can," said Scott Paul, owner of Red Elephant Café.

For the month of May the restaurant has a special breakfast menu filled with some of the traditional items but with a homemade twist -- and it's all for charity.

"It's not just your basic ham and eggs. It's got the Canadian bacon, homemade grilled sticky buns, our home fried bowls," Scott described.

Ten percent of the proceeds are donated to Voices For Children, benefiting Guardian ad Litem to help children in need.

"An establishment in our community that's stepping up to give back to these children who are so desperately in need," said Betsy Smith, Executive Director for Voices for Children.

A guardian herself, Betsy says not only is the Red Elephant Café helping financially but they are bringing much needed awareness.

"Providing these children with the items that they need while in foster care, not only that, we provide medical exams and psychological exams that would not be paid for by the state of Florida."

She says making sure the children are safe is reward in itself.

"It's knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of these kids that our goal as Guardians ad Litem is to eventually find them a safe loving permanent home, and when go to sleep at night know that you're doing that for a child that doesn't have that. It's the best thing you can ever do," said Betsy.


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