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Bedbug scare in USF dorms | News

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Bedbug scare in USF dorms

Tampa, Florida - There was a bedbug scare at University of South Florida after a student claimed she was bitten in her dorm room after returning from spring break.  

The student said she was bitten multiple times by bedbugs in her dorm room in Mu Hall at the Tampa campus.

"I'm getting them everywhere! Obviously on my face, my eyelid, my chin, my forehead...  I've gotten some on the heels of my feet, which are absolutely horrendous."

After USF received her second complaint, they moved all four students who lived in the infested room into another apartment on campus.

"They helped us move out of our dorm room. They put all of our stuff in bags, they ran our clothes and sheets through dryers."

An inspection was done by the Department of Housing and Residential Education, along with Ehrlich Pest Control. USF said no bugs were found, but a small number of eggs were discovered. 

The University released this statement:

The impacted space has been successfully treated and is ready for re-occupancy by residents.  There is no evidence that bed bugs are present elsewhere in Mu Hall outside of the single bedroom where bed bug evidence was originally discovered.

Bedbugs are light to reddish-brown insects, flattened, oval-shaped and have no hind wings. They gain access to a living space by traveling on clothing, furniture, or other personal items.

"There should be this summer, some very serious steps taken to make sure that when students come back next fall, it is not going to be a problem," said a USF student.

Although there is no evidence the bedbugs originated on campus, students who claim to have been bitten say they are still worried of serious health problems here.


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