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Sheriff's office volunteer fakes being a deputy | News

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Sheriff's office volunteer fakes being a deputy

Temple Terrace, Florida -- A 22-year-old sheriff's office volunteer was arrested early Monday after he pretended to be a deputy to other local law enforcement officers.

According to reports, Temple Terrace police officers were patrolling the area near 56 St. and Bullard Pkwy around 2 a.m., when a man driving a white Ford Crown Victoria- a vehicle that resembles an unmarked patrol car- approached them. 

The driver, later identified as Daniel Rangel Jr., pulled up to one of the officers and rolled down the passenger window to talk with him. 

Rangel- reportedly dressed in a black polo shirt with an embroidered Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office emblem, black cargo military-style pants, a gun belt with a tactical-style thigh holster and handgun- wanted to talk to the officers about possible criminal activity in the area. 

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His lack of knowledge about the jurisdictional boundaries sparked suspicion for the officers. 

After looking further into Rangel's background, they learned he was not really a deputy, but rather a member of the Sheriff's Office Volunteer Citizen Patrol Program and a permitted armed security officer.

Rangel was arrested and charged with impersonating a law-enforcement officer and unlawful use of police markings.

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