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Holiday returns and bargains keep malls busy | News

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Holiday returns and bargains keep malls busy

'Twas the day after Christmas and the mall it did fill
with people bearing gifts that failed to thrill.

"Just not really my style," says Tiffani Smith, holding up a pair of spangled flat shoes.

"Too small," grimaces Brianna Grass with some lacy lingerie. "Send a boyfriend in with no size and it always comes out wrong."

Receipts in hand, they sought to return
Santa's mistakes... you'd think the guy'd learn.

"Too small", "Too small", "Too small," says a trio of kids each holding up a pair of sneakers.

But gift receivers aren't the only ones here;
bargain hunters, too, are finding prices to cheer.

"It's 11 dollars, so I bought it now instead of at full price," says Stephanie Fernandez about a t-shirt for her son Kevin.

"Oh, it's definitely worth it," says Teresa Rounds of her day of shopping. She found several shirts, a suit jacket and bath products on sale.

It is a shopping experience that women seem to adore,
but the men in their lives... most find it a bore.

"I'm here to carry and drive; that's my job for the day," says Rich Maurer, leaning up against a wall.

"The wife and the daughters are in there shopping," says Don Caudill, sitting on a bench. "I'm just sitting here, takin' a load off."

And when the hustle and bustle of this day is done,
there's always next year, because isn't this fun?

"Yes, it's absolutely wonderful," says Rounds with a laugh.


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