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Severed leg murder mystery victim wanted family evicted | News

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Severed leg murder mystery victim wanted family evicted

Plant City, FL -- Just days before 38-year-old Kelly Moriarty and 62-year-old Doris Carter went missing, court documents show Doris Carter had her daughter Stacy Muralt and Stacy's husband, Anthony, evicted from the Plant City home the three had been sharing.

A hand written note from Carter says the couple had long outstayed their welcome.

Stacy Muralt acknowledged the timing and circumstances paint a less-than flattering picture for she and her husband, but she says it doesn't tell the whole story.

"The information in the court preceding that's being discussed has many more aspects that led up to it that have yet to come out," she said.

The Hillsborough County sheriff's office says it's been aware of the eviction and more. In the Muralts' court response to the eviction, they question Carter's mental stability.

They also seem to blame Moriarty for the conflict, saying Carter's actions come at the "Coercion and instruction of Moriarty." They further express concern Carter will "unwittingly allow Kelly Moriarty to further diminish her (Carter's) assets and life savings to Zero."

"Does that rise to the cause of murder? Absolutely not," said Larry McKinnon with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. "Is it something we're going to look at? Sure."

Moriarty's family says the documents appear to suggest the motive and opportunity which, so far, investigators have stopped short of.

"I mean they're certainly not ruling it out," said McKinnon, "But you know you also have to have verification that a crime has occurred. Right now she's still missing."

That's because Carter's body has never been recovered.

Only Moriarty's severed leg washing ashore behind a St. Petersburg home in January, has allowed officials to declare her dead.

Last week the sheriff's office returned to the home on McLin Road in Plant City, where Doris Carter and Kelly Moriarty were last seen.

They removed several bags of possible evidence after finally receiving what they called verbal consent.

Anthony Muralt says that's misleading.

"We have always cooperated with all Law Enforcement Offices throughout the entire course of this investigation," he said, "and have given verbal and written permission from the beginning of the case to search the entire property."

The Muralt's say they were trying to bring-in an independent agency like DCF not to take Carter's assets, but to protect them from Moriarty, according to the court response.

Now, by sheer coincidence they say, those efforts appear to be something more sinister.

The Muralts point to a documented domestic case between Carter and Moriarty in Pinellas County in which Carter herself, they say, questions Moriarty's financial motives. But that case was eventually dropped.

In addition, the court in Hillsborough apparently found no reason to question Carter's mental health when it issued the eviction order against the Muralts - again, just days before both women disappeared.


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