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Students accused of trying to sell weed laced treats | News

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Students accused of trying to sell weed laced treats

NEW TAMPA, Florida - For the first time, we're getting a look at two Bay area high school seniors accused of trying to sell cookies and brownies laced with marijuana.

Deputies arrested them on Warton High School grounds Wednesday morning around 11:30 a.m.

Sylvia Lizotte, a junior at Wharton High, said, "Well, we've had cops show up at our school a million times, so it's not all that surprising."

It all started when the school resource deputy said he received an anonymous tip that Christopher Lanigan and Nicholas Rodas were trying to sell baked goods laced with marijuana during the school day.

The deputy said Rodas had five individually wrapped cookies that tested positive for marijuana. Lanigan, he said, had two individually wrapped brownies that also tested positive for marijuana.

Lizotte and her best friend, Hannah Morale, say while the arrests are something new, these types of accusations at the school are not. "I was not entirely shocked, but it happens a lot so..."

They say there's a lot that goes on behind school doors. Lizotte added, "I think the school itself puts a negative light on itself, because while that's going on there's so much worse things that happen here, too."

Morale added, "Actually, I feel kind of safe here because it's only, like, certain students."

Investigators aren't sure if the suspects sold any cookies or brownies earlier in the day to students on campus, but they're looking into it.


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