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Family fearful of "nightmare neighbor" | News

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Family fearful of "nightmare neighbor"

Temple Terrace, Florida -- For more than 20 years residents in Temple Terrace have been complaining about the one neighbor they call a nightmare.

"He's gone by in his car and thrown bleach at our cars; he comes out in the road and starts shouting at us," neighbor Marquita Hutchins tells 10 News.

And that's just the beginning. 60-year-old Charlie Adams has been arrested time after time, 16 times over the past 16 years for everything from starting fires to threatening public officials.

"It needs to stop. All we want is a quiet life," says Hutchins.

She and other neighbors have gone as far as to file restraining orders, but they say things keep getting worse.

"The next minute out of nowhere we see Charlie rushing towards us, I see his arm go up and he throws," says Hutchins about what she claims happened this past weekend as she and her son Lucas were watering plants. She says Adams hurled a heavy duty light bulb towards Lucas, which hit her in the chest instead and left a bruise.

"It stung; it hurt," says a hopeless Hutchins.

Family friend, Angel Haya, was also there.

"He just came straight over here and threw the light bulb at her," says Haya.

Police were called and they filed a battery charge, but the Hutchins say, as usual, Adams went into hiding.

"[The police] kept going back out and kept knocking on that door. He would not answer that door at all. And that's what he always does."

The Hutchins say most frustrating of all, when Adams is arrested he rarely spends time behind bars, and the charges get dropped.

"I think it's atrocious they're going through so much crap because of him, and the system is not doing anything about it," said Haya.

To complicate matters, after this weekend's incident, Adams managed to find his way to a courtroom and file a restraining order against the neighbors he's accused of attacking. This means should he decide to return home, they could be forced out of their homes.

"It's hopeless because there's nobody that can protect me. Nobody," says Hutchins.

"I've been telling everyone for ages, he's going to hurt one of us and now he has. Now I'm telling everyone he's going to kill one of us... and he will."


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