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ONLY ON 10: Boy struck by stray bullet inspires "Bullet Free Sky" | News

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ONLY ON 10: Boy struck by stray bullet inspires "Bullet Free Sky"

RUSKIN, Fla. -- It was early on New Year's Day, and Diego Duran was standing just a few feet from his front porch to watch fireworks with his family. A bullet rained down from the sky and pierced him in the head.

Nearly five months and several surgeries later, he's getting better every day. He turned 13 on Monday, with a birthday party at home filled with friends and football.

"It's a miracle for us to still have him and to be able to celebrate together," says his mother, Sandra Zagorski Duran. "He's very brave, and he never gives up."

After attending homebound school twice a week, he returned to his regular school on Tuesday to socialize and adjust to the environment. Because of all the homework he's completed since his injuries, he'll be able to advance to the eighth grade.

And now, he and his family are launching a campaign called Bullet Free Sky. To raise awareness about the dangers of celebratory gunfire, they're selling bracelets that Diego designed.

"From the hospital from his bed, I had my laptop and he picked the color, picked the font," his mom says.

In fact, Diego's signature on each bracelet is from the very first time he wrote his name after regaining motor skills.

Each bracelet costs $5, and the money will go back into the campaign to help make sure what happened to Diego doesn't happen to others.

"My hope for him is that he continues with passion for life, and he does, just like he did before," Sandra says. "So he can do anything he wants to."

How to purchase the bracelets:

Go through the Bullet Free Sky Awareness Campaign website or the Friends of Diego Duran Facebook page.

Buy them at The Chakra Center in Sun City Center or The Firehouse Cultural Center in Ruskin.

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