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Search for missing Pasco mother continues | News

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Search for missing Pasco mother continues

Tuesday UPDATE:  The Pasco County Sheriff's Office continues to work the disappearance of Linda Losacano as a missing persons case.

Detectives say they discovered evidence inside the home she shared with her boyfriend that indicates foul play may have been involved.  They would not say what the evidence is.

"Linda is the missing piece right now.  We don't know where she is.  God forbid she is tied up somewhere and we need to rescue her.  That's why we are doing everything possible to find out where she is," said Sheriff Chris Nocco.

Detectives are keeping many details close to the vest in this case as the investigation continues.

The Sheriff is asking the public to come forward with any details that may lead them to Linda Losacano.


WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. -- Those who know Linda Losacano are fearing the worst; the Pasco County mother has been missing for three weeks now.

Late Monday evening, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office confirmed those fears. Sheriff Chris Nocco released a statement today saying that investigators have new evidence that supports the theory foul play may be involved in the disappearance of Losacano.

Her home in Wesley Chapel was quiet and empty Monday night.  Not even her car was there, or the car belonging to her live-in boyfriend, 48-year-old Tim Arnold. The vehicles were removed by investigators Monday afternoon.

In the last 24 hours, Losacano's live-in boyfriend killed himself inside their home. Linda is missing.

Friends fear she's dead.

"You watch all this stuff on TV, you don't expect to see it in real life," said neighbor Robert Lupo. Lupo and and his wife were evacuated Sunday when the SWAT team showed up at Losacano's house across the street.

Deputies were there to check on the 49-year-old after her family from New Hampshire insisted something was wrong. It turns out their instincts were right. Losacano's boyfriend refused to let deputies inside. When they finally got in, a gunshot went off and Arnold was dead of what appears to be a self inflicted gun shot wound.

"There were about four or five police officers with shields and shotguns. They kicked in the front door and screamed, 'Police' and whatever. We heard a lot of noise and heard one of the policemen say he's shot," Lupo said.

Lupo says Losacano's 5-year-old daughter ran out of the home toward her aunt, who was on scene.

"The policeman asked where her mother and just and she just pointed to the sky and that was the last we saw of her [5 year old]," said Lupo.

Hours earlier, Losacano's sister flew into the area and went to the home of Losacano's friend and neighbor, Alison Stockfield to ask if she had seen Linda.

Stockfield tells 10 News she told Loscano's sister Connie that she thought Linda was with her in New Hampshire, based on what Timothy Arnold told her when she called to check in on her friend.

Sources say the child is with Losacano's sister, Connie.

A neighbor made an eerie statement about the current custody of the child. "Linda said that's the way she always wanted it, for her sister to take care of the child if something happened."

Is that an indication that Losacano feared for her life?

The question remains: where is Linda Losacano? And what went wrong?

Neighbors describe her live-in boyfriend as strange, someone who never talked with people nearby. People also say Arnold was having financial problems and that he had possibly filed for bankruptcy. "He was odd," said one neighbor.

Alison Stockfield, a friend of Losacano's, may be one of the last people to have seen Losacano alive.  The two went to a few garage sales before she dropped Linda off at her home.  Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary, she told 10 News.

Stockfield said that Losacano's boyfriend always made up excuses as to why no one could reach her, that she was out of town, that she forgot her phone, or that she was sick.

Stockfield says she didn't think twice because Losacano had been sick with a sore throat the last time she saw her.

She told 10 News, "I do hope she's alive, like she went and hid somewhere.  I have no idea what to think."

Losacano has been missing since April 14.

Investigators spent time Monday digging up her yard looking for clues. They also seized the couple's cars looking for evidence.

Detectives say they found it.

They located a piece of evidence inside the home indicating that foul play may have been involved. They would not say what kind of evidence they found.

10 News also tried to speak with Losacano's sister, who could not be located, although deputies have been in touch with her.

Detectives plan to update the case within the next 24 hours.


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