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Man found dead in home, Wesley Chapel mom missing | News

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Man found dead in home, Wesley Chapel mom missing

Wesley Chapel, Florida -- Pasco County Sheriff's deputies are searching for a missing mother after a man was found dead inside her home.

Alison Stockfield says she's still stunned.

"We went 'garage saleing' for three, four hours. And then we came home, I dropped her off at her house," Stockfield said, remembering what happened on April 14th.

"You know, she gave me a hug, and went in, and said, 'I'll see you later.' There was nothing out of the ordinary at all."

Stockfield is the last person known to have seen her neighbor Linda Losacano alive.

Their young daughters would play with each other nearly every day, Stockfield said.

Sometimes they'd get together at Stockfield's house, and other times they'd meet at the house two doors down in Wesley Chapel that Losacano shared with her boyfriend and the father of the little girl, Tim Arnold.

"They were just very caring, very giving. And there was no indication that anything was wrong. She never, ever said anything was wrong," Stockfield said.

Sheriff's detectives say no one spoke with Losacano after April 14th, when she was dropped off at the end of the day of garage sale shopping.

Stockfield says the boyfriend, Arnold, gave her differing explanations of why Losacano wasn't around. First, she wasn't feeling well. Then, she was up in New Hampshire visiting her family.

Stockfield says during the second half of April, she'd hear the couple's daughter say she missed her mommy, and ask when she would be home.

The girl's father would say things like, "I don't know when she's coming home," and "It'll be soon," Stockfield said.

That wasn't true; deputies say Losacano's family hadn't heard from her in weeks.

Finally, Sunday, Pasco County Sheriff's deputies broke down the door, as neighbor Robert Lupo looked on.

"After the police kicked in the door, the young girl -- five-year old -- ran out the front door," Lupo said.

"She was running towards her aunt with a policeman chasing after her, getting her out, [making] sure she got out to safety.

"She ran to her aunt and the policeman asked her where her mother was, and she just pointed to the sky.

"That was the last we saw of her -- the police took her away and put her in protective custody."

With the little girl safe, the SWAT team went in. They found her father, Losacano's boyfriend, dead. Tim Arnold had apparently killed himself, with a single self-inflicted gunshot.

Deputies are asking anyone with information to call Sgt. James Sessa at the Pasco County Sheriff's Office at 727-844-7711.  Losacano is considered a missing endangered adult.

10 News interviewed Losacano several years ago when she served as a certified sign language interpreter for a story we were working on. Watch our 2006 story by click on the video below:


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