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8-year old shot with BB rifle; police don't file charges | News

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8-year old shot with BB rifle; police don't file charges

TAMPA, Fla. -- There has been another shooting involving a BB gun rifle where police have not filed charges. This shooting is in Tampa and involves a 17-year-old shooting and an 8-year-old victim.

The victim, Jaden Kaymore, reads the letter he wrote following the shooting expressing his anger. Kaymore, who was injured during spring break in Tampa, says, "He shot me in my face and it went in my eyelid."

The 8-year-old is upset because, as he says, "We called the police and they did nothing about it."

Jaden's grandmother, Irene Kaymore, says, "That makes no sense to me. You can walk around and shoot people with BB guns and nothing is done about it."

Kaymore says she couldn't believe Tampa Police decided not to make an arrest. The three officers who investigated the incident said the 17-year-old who shot Jaden did it by accident.

However, Jaden's grandmother says, "I think he needs to be disciplined because what he did is a criminal offense."

She adds, "Because if my grandson had shot him in the face, his grandmother would have wanted to take action against me and my grandson that did it."

Although a picture clearly shows a BB in Jaden's eyelid, the police say he was only nicked by a BB that ricocheted off a tree.

Meanwhile, the 8-year-old adds it was no accident. "He had, like, a sniper BB gun or something and I was standing in the driveway and he was aiming at me and then I got shot."

Jaden's mother, Lisa Jenkins, says, "I got the call he had been shot in the eye with a BB. It could have blinded him."

Jenkins, who rushed to the scene, was also upset the 17-year-old wasn't arrested. She says, "It shouldn't be that way. You do the crime, you do the time and have to pay for it."

Once the Tampa Police Department saw the photo 10 News provided of Jaden with the BB in his eyelid, it admitted it might not have assessed the situation correctly and it might have been more serious that first thought. Now, the department is reopening the investigation.

According to police spokesperson Laura McElroy, "When the officers first arrived at the scene, it was presented as a neighborhood accident. Now that we've learned it is a more serious injury and the family has some concerns, we will conduct a very thorough followup investigation and that is underway right now."

Jenkins says of her son's shooter, "He needs to do some kind of community service, something has to happen. Don't give him a pat on the back. No."

And now that Tampa Police are reopening the investigation, the family hopes the teen shooter will experience some of the pain Jaden experienced, not only when he was shot, but also as he recovers from surgery he had on Monday to have the BB removed.

Although the teen is White and Jaden Kaymore is Black, his family doesn't believe the shooting was racially motivated. Nor do they believe the fact police haven't filed charges has anything to do with race. One of the investigating officers is White, another Hispanic, and the third Black.


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