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Tampa 2nd most frugal city! | News

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Tampa 2nd most frugal city!

Tampa, Florida -- Tampa has been called a lot of things.

We've been named among the fattest cities and among the unhappiest (we DISAGREE by the way), so why not take ownership of a name that's not all bad?

Coupons.com ranks Tampa as the nation's second most frugal city!

That means more of you are clipping, printing and saving more than any other major city in the country other than the penny pinching city of Atlanta!

Your money saving ways are no surprise to our resident Money Man, Matt Granite.

"For me, the most surprising facet, we weren't ranked number one. I think Tampa Bay viewers know the value of money more than anyone else," said Granite.

Coupon websites like coupons.com are not only a way for customers like you to save on pretty much anything, from every day household items, salon visits to a night out, but a way for local businesses to attract new customers.

"I didn't expect to have such a great turn out from it.  It definitely surprised me," said Alicia Henry, owner of Jazzy Jewels Parties in Tampa.

Henry is in the business of turning little girls into little princesses and women into beautiful blushing brides.

While her business is expanding, she decided to link up with coupons.com to offer a deal on a makeover in hopes of exposing her business to new customers.

It worked!

"I've actually booked a couple of weddings through them, and I got a couple of haircuts and also a kids party," smiled Henry.

Coupons.com is just one of many savings websites out there, so we wanted to find out which site has the best deals.

We asked the cheapest man we know, 10 News Money Man, Matt Granite.

"Favorite coupon site, hands down, Offers.com because they keep track of all the copying and pasting for you when it comes to offer codes and then, Cheapcheapcheap.com.   Instead of sorting through 160,000 coupons, you get a list of the best deals narrowed down by category," said Granite.

The coupon king's top choice is not coupons.com, but that doesn't mean it's not a good place to search for deals. He tells us it's still a good place to save, so click on.

Tampa, if we want to make it to number one in frugality, keep clicking, clipping and saving.

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