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Woman pulled from mobile home after roof collapse | News

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Woman pulled from mobile home after roof collapse

Dover, Florida - Amazing video shows rescue crews pulling a trapped woman out of her mobile home after its roof collapsed Friday near Brandon.

Bonnie Hopkins, 60, says she was using a sledge hammer to tear out termite damaged sections of her home when the roof suddenly came crashing down.

Hopkins says a nearby washing machine kept the roof from crushing her.

"I feel blessed not lucky. God blessed me. God took care of me," said a grateful Hopkins.

At first family members who were outside didn't know Bonnie's fate.

Granddaughter Morgan Massaro was right outside when she left away from the home at the roof came down.

"I got to get her out! That's the only thing I was thinking," said Massaro.

Bonnie says she is claustrophobic and started hyperventilating in the debris, but knows her family was just as panicked outside.

"I could hear them all yelling. I was saying 'I'm all right, I'm alright.' They were probably more scared then I was," said Hopkins.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Crews arrived on scene and worked to free Bonnie's trapped foot using specially designed air bags to lift the roof up.

"One of the ambulance drivers tells me had you been a little bit further you would have been crushed," said Hopkins.

She was transported to Brandon Regional Hospital where despite scrapes and bruises up and down her body, x-rays revealed not a single broken bone.

"God protected me because it could have been much worse."


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