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USF students to deliver over 1,000 letters to lawmakers | News

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USF students to deliver over 1,000 letters to lawmakers

Tampa, Florida - The USF Senate President for Student Government points to three stacks of letters from students.

"We are going there with 1,000+ handwritten letters from students," says Khalid Hassouneh.

In an era of texting and email, more than 1,000 students put their thoughts on paper regarding proposed budget cuts for state leaders to hear loud and clear.

"This will result in less available jobs," writes one student.

Another student writes, "I understand you have the power to make any changes you please, but take the student's futures into consideration."

A USF senior sends these final words, "Please don't let us down,"

Khalid says while students are grateful to the Senate for lowering USF's proposed cuts by $46 million, he says it's not low enough. The USF system is still looking at about $52 million in cuts.

"I still think they are significant cuts that are going to hurt our students."

Khalid and other student government leaders will be heading to Tallahassee on Wednesday to hand deliver the letters and hope to meet with state leaders, including the governor. They have one goal in mind:

"We need to see a commitment from the legislators to higher education. Too often -- especially in the last five years -- higher education has been the scapegoat for any budget deficit. That's unrealistic. We can't sustain that."

Khalid says Florida's economic future is on its college campuses today.  "The bottom line is if you want a better future for Florida, you have to make the investment today."


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