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Murder trial show-and-tell continues today | News

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Murder trial show-and-tell continues today

Tampa, Florida -- Show-and-tell will continue Monday morning in the high-profile murder trial of towing company owner Donald Montanez.

On Friday, jurors went on a field trip to two locations in Tampa. And Monday, attorneys for towing company owner Donald Montanez have another visual aid planned.

Here at 10 News, our team has a lot of experience covering trials, but we don't usually see anything like this. Justice may be blind, but these jurors can see -- and they are seeing a lot.

On Friday, the jurors headed out on a field trip. Their first stop was the night club where Glen Rich's car was towed away six years ago.

Then, it was off to an empty lot. That's where towing company owner Donald Montanez shot Rich later that night as Rich was trying to drive off in that towed car.

After the jury headed home Friday, another new visual aid was brought in and set up in the courtroom. It's a life-sized model of the car Rich was driving.

The defense brought in the model. They say Rich was driving that car right toward Montanez and his employees, giving Montanez no choice but to shoot him.

Montanez defended his actions in this exclusive interview with 10 News anchor Reginald Roundtree.

Prosecutors wrapped up their case at the end of last week. They brought in a witness who told jurors Montanez had a long-standing plan for what to do if he ran into trouble towing a car.

"If anybody [expletive]ed with him, that he would [expletive]ing kill 'em," former Montanez employee Naomi Verdugo testified.

The trial will start up again Monday, this time with the defense. And jurors can expect even more show and tell. The defense says they'll show the jury exactly how a tow truck works.

This is not a clear-cut case. One side says it's murder, the other says self-defense. All these visual aids may really help find justice.

Several criminal attorneys have told our reporters in the past that jurors, like anyone else, can get bored sitting in a courtroom. All this action could certainly help keep them focused on their incredibly important work.


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