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''Radiation free'' cell phone headsets on sale in Tampa | Health

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''Radiation free'' cell phone headsets on sale in Tampa
''Radiation free'' cell phone headsets on sale in Tampa

Tampa, Florida- An invention that's been around for years in Europe, Australia and the Middle East in flying off the shelves at International Plaza following a report on the dangers of cell phone radiation.

Smart & Safe opened up its first kiosk in Florida a day before last week's release of the World Health Organization's report detailing the potential risks from long term exposure to cell phone radiation. The company sells headsets that keep all electronics away from your head and instead transmits the sound from your phone through a pair of air tubes.

"The sound is amazing," said Smart & Safe's sales manager Natalie Ben Hamo.

The company is banking on huge sales in the wake of last week's report and new fears cell phones may pose a risk of causing brain tumors.

"People talking on the phone, like a long call, they start to get heat on the ear and this is a sign of the radiation," said Ben Hamo

Sales members use a beeping device that appears to detect radiation to show customers how much their cell phones put off.

The headsets sell for $49.00 and are available at the International Mall kiosk near Victoria's Secret or on the company's website at www.smartnsafe.com 

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