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Navigating the cold and flu aisle | Health

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Navigating the cold and flu aisle

Tampa, FL -- A lot of people don't realize it but this is the peak of flu season and so is the confusion over which remedies help you feel better fast.

10 News spoke with Susan Gordon, a pharmacist at a Tampa CVS store. She says the cold and the flu are both viral infections but they are different. "A cold will actually manifest itself as a runny nose, sneezing and sometimes a slight temperature. a flu on the other hand will actually manifest itself as muscle soreness, a dry cough, aches, chills, and a lot of times there's a very high fever up to 104 degrees."

She says you need to know what you have and which symptoms you're suffering from in order to get relief. Gordon says, "Cough suppressants will help quiet that cough that might keep you up at night."

So how can you avoid getting sick in the first place? Gordon says, "Wash your hands frequently. Avoid people who actually do have the flu. Avoid contacting your eyes, your nose, your mouth that's mainly where the virus is contracted."

Gordon also recommends getting a flu shot and says it's not too late either.  "What a lot of people don't realize and CVS actually did an independent study to find out what people actually understand and know about the flu and a lot of people actually think that flu season has come and gone thinking that it was in November or December but actually we're just about to hit the peak flu season." 

She adds that the quicker you get one the better. "Most cases of flu are actually reported in February."

Gordon says if you're confused about what to take to feel better
you can always ask to speak to the pharmacist. They'll ask you what your symptoms are and let you know what's best.

She says it's very important to make sure what you're taking doesn't interfere with any other medications too.



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