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Use your phone to find out what's going on in Ybor | Events

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Use your phone to find out what's going on in Ybor
Use your phone to find out what's going on in Ybor

Tampa, FL -- The people behind the website YborEvents.com have now made it easy for you to follow everything that's happening in Latin Quarter on your phone.

Below is a release sent out explain how it works:

Do People Know About Your Ybor City Events?
If You're on YborEvents.com, the Answer is YES! 

Did you know that today, more internet bandwidth both in the U.S. and Worldwide is used by people accessing the web on their smartphones than on computers or laptops?
Luckily, YborEvents.com makes it EASY to broadcast all of your events directly into people's hands!
With over 1,000 hits a day and growing, YborEvents.com is no exception - our users love their phones!
So we put together this little tutorial overview to show you how EASY it is to see EVERYTHING happening in Ybor City, right on your phone!

YborEvents.com was designed to seamlessly integrate with the Google Calendar because it is the most widely used calendar application both for computers and mobile phones.

You must do the first 3 steps on a computer just one time to add YborEvents to your Google account (can't do this on a phone!)
1) You need a Google Account. A GMail account is just fine. If you don't have one, head over to Gmail.com and create your free account.
2) Once logged in to Google, you will see the Calendar tab on the left or top of your screen. Click it to go to the Calendar application.
3) Once in the Calendar app, look in the left margin where it says "Other Calendars". In the box below, enter the address for the YborEvents calendar: yborcalendar@gmail.com

Ta-Da!! You have now added YborEvents.com to your Google Account, and you'll be able to see everything going on in Ybor City, every day, on any computer and on your iPhone or Android smartphone!

If you need any help with Steps # 1-3, check out this link on Google's site which explains adding a calendar to your account:

Believe it or not, that was the hard part! Now let's see what happens when you sign in to Google Calendar on your phone!

4) If you haven't installed Google Calendar on your phone, go ahead and install it. You can get it from the Apple App Store or the Android Market.

Click on the Calendar icon to open Google Calendar. If prompted to login, login with your Google email address and password.


5) Google Calendar opens to the default Month view.

6) Where it says "Multi-Calendar" at the top, click to bring down a list of all calendars you have added. You will see YborEvents in your list. If needed, check the box next to it to show the YborEvents listings in your calendar.

7) Click on the "Agenda" button at the bottom to see a list of everything happening in Ybor City today!


8) Just click any event to view details or share with friends!

THAT'S IT !!! When people add YborEvents to their Google Account, everything on the YborEvents calendar is automatically broadcast to mobile phones everywhere!

With over 1,000 hits a day and still growing fast, YborEvents.com is the premier method for finding what's happening in Ybor City - and for broadcasting your own events to over 70,000 Ybor fans via email and Facebook!

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