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Day 1 of Fashion Week Tampa Bay festivities | Events

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Day 1 of Fashion Week Tampa Bay festivities
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Day 1 of Fashion Week Tampa Bay festivities

Tuesday kicked off the first event for Fashion Week Tampa Bay. 

The event, Past Perfect: A Celebration of Vintage Designs, was held at the Art Institute.  There were vintage pieces ranging from 1890-present including a gorgeous Chanel bib necklace from the 2010 Couture Collection.

When you walk into the gallery you were given a nicely prepared booklet that contained pictures and information of everything in the gallery.  It was amazing to see the evolution in fashion and quite frankly most of the garments could still be worn today. 

Photo Gallery: Past Perfect: A Celebration of Vintage Designs 1890-Present

I found that most of my favorite pieces were personally owned by Rhonda Shear who wore those garments as a working actress/comedienne. Rhonda now taking the realm of designing, is showcasing her new collection at Fashion Week this year. 

Once you were done browsing the exhibit, you could then treat yourself to complimentary champagne and hors d'oeuvres.  Something special about the hors d'oeuvres is that they were prepared by students from the Culinary Department of the Art Institute.  I thought that was a great way to get the students involved as well as help them gain the experience.

The gorgeous exhibit could not have been possible without Steven Anderson and Andrew Ashton.  These two usually just enjoy being the directors of Hair and Makeup for fashion week but this year decided they wanted to do something additionally special.  When asked how they scored such beautiful garments for the exhibit, they stated a lot of the garments were owned by personal friends.  They then chose what they felt were the best representation for each era. 

When I asked them why they chose the Art Institute as the location, they said because it had a nice gallery to house it and it just made sense since the school has a Merchandising program. I couldn't agree more. 

They are also advocates on giving back to the Tampa Bay community and a portion of the proceeds from this event are being given to the 11/Eleven Dream Fund to benefit the students of the Art Institute of Tampa's Fashion and Retail Management and Culinary programs.

Definitely keep your eye on Steven and Andrew, they have their own line of makeup called FaceWorks which right now is exclusive to their salon and they have their own hair care line being released at the end of this year.  Add their salon on Facebook  La Posh Salon.  

If you missed the event don't worry the exhibit will be up until October 21.

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