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Westchase women encouraged to get off the scale | Events

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Westchase women encouraged to get off the scale
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Westchase women encouraged to get off the scale

Tampa, Florida -- Step away from the scale...

That's the message from Allen Keller with Direct Effect Fitness in Westchase. Rather than the scale, Allen says use the jeans. He's launching the 'Thermometer Jeans Challenge' on Aug. 27.

For eight weeks, women can grab their favorite "thermometer jeans" and use that as their goal, not a number a scale as they follow a fitness and nutritional routine.

"We've all heard of skinny jeans, those jeans that are too small now and hidden in the back of your closet. But, skinny isn't necessarily healthy and we want to promote strong, toned and healthy bodies so we call them thermometer jeans, the jeans you look hot in."

Even if you don't follow Keller's program, it's still good advice!

He says he'll challenge participants in the eight week challenge to do four things:  Not stop on a scale once, use a pair of jeans they currently can't button as their goal, change their attitudes toward weight loss and lose two jean sizes.

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