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Pregnant silky shark makes it's way to MOSI in Tampa! | Events

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Pregnant silky shark makes it's way to MOSI in Tampa!
Pregnant silky shark makes it's way to MOSI in Tampa!

Tampa, Florida, – Sea Monsters Revealed, the most comprehensive and interactive exhibition on the magic of the deep sea, will reveal another mystery of the ocean this Thursday, May 23, at 5 p.m., when a pregnant shark will arrive at MOSI.. 

"The addition of the Silky Shark to Sea Monsters Revealed is part of our plan to continue to bring the ocean's mysteries to MOSI in a way never before possible," said John Zaller, the exhibition's creator and the mind behind the Bodies exhibit. "People typically think of sharks as dangerous. But this authentic specimen provides another view of sharks as nurturing their young."

Silky Sharks are viviparous, meaning they give birth to live young without laying eggs. The eggs are fertilized within the female shark and are retained as the embryos develop. Over their twelve month gestation period, the developing shark pups receive nutrients via an umbilical cord.

“Virtually all sharks give birth to fully formed pups, but they are fish, not mammals,” said Steve Murawski, a research professor in the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida. “When the eggs are fertilized, the embryos are kept within the mother’s body cavity, but it’s not really a uterus. Silky sharks in particular can have anywhere from 4 – 12 babies in one litter.”

The silky shark joining the Sea Monsters Revealed exhibition has three baby sharks in its belly and four swimming along beside her.

"This Silky Shark truly helps us experience the ocean in a unique and more complete way," said MOSI President, Wit Ostrenko, "adding both additional beauty and mystery to Sea Monsters Revealed." 

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