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New Tampa mom accused of killing teens in court | Crime

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New Tampa mom accused of killing teens in court
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New Tampa mom accused of killing teens in court

New Tampa, Florida - The Tampa Palms mother who investigators say admitted to shooting and killing her children back in January because they were "being mouthy" was in court Friday afternoon.

Robert Fraser is 50-year-old Julie Schenecker's public defender. He has petitioned the court to keep certain statements Schenecker made to police between the attorneys. He's also wants to do the same for photo's of the victims, 13-year-old Beau and 16-year-old Calyx, as well as photos from the crime scene.

Fraser says failing to block those items would destroy any chance his client has of receiving a fair trial since the media could make those items public.

Representatives from Media General and the St. Petersburg Times addressed Judge Ashley Moody to express their concerns on why they think the items should not be blocked.

Fraser told Judge Moody, "I'm a little taken aback by the idea that we're all supposed to dance through the raindrops for Media General and the St. Petersburg Times when we have no duty to do that at all."

He added, "I'm asking the court to take a hard look, a hard scrutiny, at these documents as your honor already has, I'm sure. I'd appreciate the significance to Julie Schenecker if they were known to the community at large, regardless of whether they make it to the St. Pete Times or the Tampa Tribune. It's not their business. It's her business and it should stay there."

Judge Moody replied, "Case law is pretty clear that the court has a responsibility to balance the interest of the media. But first and foremost I have to weigh the defendant's right to a fair trial and make sure she's afforded due process so I will give great consideration to each piece of discovery.

The judge says she will make a decision about the motion sometime next week. Judge Moody said, "Any any information that is not temporarily protected at that time will be released to the media."

Crime, News, People

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