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Friend: School board gunman had "borderline personalities" | Crime

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Friend: School board gunman had "borderline personalities"
Friend: School board gunman had "borderline personalities"

A Facebook friend says she wasn't shocked to hear that Clay Duke, 56, opened fire at a Bay County School Board meeting Tuesday.

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Holly George says she and her mother have known Duke, who is a Tampa native who attended King High School near Temple Terrace, for about two years.

"My mom said he had borderline personalities," George told 10 News Reporter Janie Porter early Wednesday morning.

"It always creeped me out when he asked me to shave my head like Natalie Portman [as she appeared in the movie 'V for Vendetta']."

Tuesday, police say Duke came into the school board meeting in Panama City, complained about his wife's firing and then opened fire.

Photo Gallery: Panama City School Shooting

No one was hit. 

Duke exchanged fire with the school security chief and eventually shot and killed himself, police said.

Duke's Facebook page said he attended King High School in Tampa and graduated in 1972.

Before the shooting, witnesses say Duke drew a red 'V' on the wall of the meeting chambers and then circled it. It's the same symbol used in the movie V for Vendetta.

George said that was Duke's favorite movie.

"He'd watch it over and over again," she said.

Wednesday morning, someone logged into Duke's account and contacted 10 News Reporter Janie Porter, claiming to be Duke's wife.

"I and no one else had any idea that this was going to happen.  Although Clay often spoke of the government and school board as though it was all related to some huge conspiracy, no one would ever imagine this was going to happen," the person wrote.

Less than 24 hours after the shooting, fans created a Facebook page, praising the shooting rampage.

It's called "R.I.P. Clay Duke, a Martyr for Class Warfare."

"Clay Duke, an anti-dictatorship activist was forced to become a martyr by a tyrannic [sic] government and the regime that is the Panama City board [sic] of Education," it read.

"Unfortunately, his efforts weren't as successful as planned and he made the ultimate sacrifice."

By 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, the Facebook page had 57 fans.

George said Duke was studying speech impedimentology at Case Western Reserve.  As of Wednesday morning, Duke was not listed as a student in the school's online directory.

She also said he spent a lot of time on the entertainment website eBaumsWorld.com.


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