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Have you seen these stolen pit bull puppies? | Crime

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Have you seen these stolen pit bull puppies?

Thonotosassa, Florida - Can you imagine snatching not one but two little puppies from the watchful eye and sharp jaws of a nursing pit bull dog? Well, investigators with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office say that's what happened in broad daylight in the 9400 block of Ripley Road in Thonotosassa on Sunday, May 19 around 12:24 p.m.

70-year-old Terry Thomas says he was sitting on his couch, next to the window that overlooks his front yard, watching TV when his four adult dogs started barking.

His dog "Cocoa" had her two puppies near her when three teens between the ages of 14 and 16 snatched them.

"They weren't but five weeks old. They weren't weaned yet," he says.

He says he can't imagine where the puppies are right now. One is a female that's solid gray with an "L" shaped scar on its right side she got from birth. The other pit bull puppy is male. It's black with a white chest. 

Terry said he sold two of Cocoa's pups and was about to sell those two when he says the three teens stole the puppies right underneath their nose.

Cocoa is chained to a tree. She has a doghouse, water and food nearby.

"They caught her tangled up and that's how they got the puppies -- the mother dog couldn't get to them or they wouldn't have got the puppies." 

Terry says he saw the teens running away from his house with the puppies and he believes they live in the neighborhood.

"And I know the boys know better. [They] probably sold them to somebody." 

He's says he's worried about where the puppies may be. 

"Well the biggest fear is that they might end up with somebody that trains dogs for dog fighting -- that they won't be treated well."

Terry had hoped to make a little extra money. If he'd been able to sell the puppies he would have earned $600 for the pair minus the puppies medical expenses he'd already shelled out. But when the dogs were stolen he says he had no choice but to return the deposits to the buyers.

He says he's seen the teens in the neighborhood since the thefts. He says they stopped by his house recently but deny it.

"Because it's not right that people could come on your property and take something that don't belong to them -- knowing it don't belong to them. And they'd already asked me prior if I had any I wanted to give away and I'd already said all of them were gone. I told them those two are already promised."

He says while he doubts he'll get the puppies back he hopes someone out there knows something that will help police arrest those responsible. 

If you know anything that lead's to an arrest you could receive a cash reward and you don't have to reveal your name. Just call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS.


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