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Girl sexually assaulted while trying to sell juice boxes | Crime

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Girl sexually assaulted while trying to sell juice boxes

Thonotosassa, Florida -- An unspeakable crime in Thonotosassa. A 46-year-old man accused of luring a 12 year-old girl into his home and sexually assaulting her.

The father, say investigators, was just feet away doing some work, unable to hear his daughter's screams for help.

Investigators describe the case as a tragedy for the family involved, and a lesson for all parents.

The attack, they say, took place inside a blue mobile home on Courageous Court.

It's there, that investigators say 46-year-old Jose Louis Olguin-Sanchez, lured, then sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl.

Her father, they say, was just outisde power-washing driveways and trailers.

"There are sick people out there that are searching for vulnerable children like this," said Cristal Bermudez Nunez, a spokesperson for the Hillsborough Co. Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say the victim was just trying to make some extra money by selling juice boxes door-to-door when Sanchez, they say, told her he'd not only buy some, but give her some extra containers he had inside.

She followed him. He grabbed her and sexually attacked her before finally letting her go.

"Afterwards, he gets a couple of dollars, throws them into her box of juices and she's able to escape the home," said Nunez.

The little girl told investigators she yelled out for help, but that her screams were masked by the loudness of her father's power-washer.

Once free, they say she ran home. Her parents called 9-1-1.

Neighbor Charles Pendlebury says he's friends with the victim's family.

The father, he says, wants to strangle Sanchez. He adds the little girl is still in shock.

"I told her don't worry, the law will take care of it," said Pendlebury, adding, "God will take care of that too."

Neighbor Miranda Maloy says she's sickened but not surprised.

She says Sanchez tried to lure her into his trailer as well, but being older and wiser, she walked away.

She's avoided him ever since saying he gave her the creeps.

"Cause he didn't even know me and he was like, 'Do you want to come into my house and watch TV with me?' "

Investigators say the case is a sad lesson for parents who may think that being close by their children is close enough. But that's clearly not true in all cases -- including this one.

"Especially with what happened to those three women that were locked up for a decade. I mean this was a case where that child goes behind closed doors, the parents don't know where she is and that child could have vanished," said Bermudez Nunez.

What's more, investigators say Olguin-Sanchez is in this country illegally.

He'll have to go through the criminal justice system first, then likely serve prison time before facing deportation.


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