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Rape reported on USF campus | Crime

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Rape reported on USF campus

Tampa, Florida -- At USF on Wednesday, jugglers took center grass in front of the Marshall Center, pins and balls flying through the air.

But across campus where students live, police are investigating something much more weighty. A female student reports being raped early Sunday morning inside the Holly G residence hall.

"The individuals do know each other. This is not a stranger situation and we continue to investigate what the next course of action will be," said Lt. Charlotte Domingo of the USF Police Department.

Last fall, another woman was raped inside a residence hall by a stranger

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And while that type of attack tends to garner a lot of attention, experts say acquaintance rapes are much more common.

The Director of the USF Center for Victim Advocacy tells 10 News that 98% of the rape victims seeking assistance there know their attacker.

At a campus rally last November, people spoke out against what they called a "Rape Culture" on campus, the thought that somehow violence against women is okay.

Matthew Hastings helped organize that event. On Wednesday, he had heard about the reported rape and he's convinced many more such attacks go unreported, because the victim fears she'll be blamed.

"We should never be looking at the victim here, saying they made a mistake or that they're lying about it," said Hastings. His group has a petition drive asking USF to require all incoming students to take an an anti-rape education course.


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