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Larry Brown's other alleged victims: "Lucky to be alive" | Crime

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Larry Brown's other alleged victims: "Lucky to be alive"

Tampa, Florida -- We're learning more about 16-year-old Larry Brown, now charged with killing security officer Michael Valentin.

Police say Brown has a lengthy criminal record including violent felonies dating back to when he was just 10 years old. 

He's also recently been accused of two armed robberies at the Bank of America ATM on Fowler Avenue near the University of South Florida which ultimately led police to Brown. 

The two men he allegedly confronted at gunpoint say they feel lucky to be alive.

"He stuck the gun in my back and said 'empty out your account,'" Dwayne Jenkins, 22, says he remembers most vividly.

Jenkins knows Tampa Police have now arrested the teen accused of holding him up just five days ago -- a robbery captured by the ATM's video camera.

He's still shaken by the thought of a gun jabbed in his side and the words "I'll shoot you". The moment, he says, left him paralyzed with fear.

That gun and that voice, police say, belonged to the 16-year-old teen who now sits in jail. And knowing it's the same person who allegedly killed officer Valentin, Jenkins says he's "just thankful to be alive".

"It sort of just hits me now," he says, "that he actually, really could have shot me."

USF student Husain Baaquel says he thanks God he's alive.

Twenty-five-year-old Baaquel was the second guy police say Brown held up at the same ATM just three days later.

In the video, the gunman is wearing the same bandanna and riding a bicycle.

"I thought the gun was probably a toy or something that he used to scare me, but it was real," says Baaquel, now knowing about Valentin's murder.

Married, with an 8-month-old son, Baaquel says knowing what he knows now has changed his perspective on life.

He offered his sympathies to officer Valentin's family and says they should be proud of what he did for the community.

Asked what they think should happen to Brown next, both Jenkins and Baaquel thought the teenager should go to prison.

As for how long, they said they would leave that up to the justice system.


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