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What's up with the orange bicycles in New Tampa? | Business

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What's up with the orange bicycles in New Tampa?
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What's up with the orange bicycles in New Tampa?

Orange painted bicycles have become a common sight along Bruce B Downs Blvd. near Highwoods Preserve Parkway.  Have you found yourself trying to figure out why these bikes are parked along the boulevard?

A new business is coming to New Tampa.  Orangetheory Fitness will soon be opening in July across from the Walgreens and next to the Starbucks on Bruce B Downs Blvd.

It's a unique concept from standard fitness driven businesses.  Orangetheory Fitness focuses on.  Here's a snippet of what they're all about:

"The physiological theory behind Orangetheory is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). During the course of a class, you will perform focused 10-30 minute intervals that use your entire body and stimulate your metabolism. After each exercise, you will feel increased energy. After the session, your body will continue to burn more calories as it tries to recover from the strong bursts of activity."

Click here to visit the Orangetheory Fitness website

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