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Are men in swimsuits causing a controversy in Ybor? | Business

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Are men in swimsuits causing a controversy in Ybor?
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Are men in swimsuits causing a controversy in Ybor?

Tampa, FL -- Is a controversy brewing in Ybor City over some clubs employing men in speedos to attract customers?

Below is an excerpt from a blog postedby the President of the GaYBOR District Coalition in his weekly email "Dishing with Mark and Carrie."

"People Are Talking

Recently some well meaning GaYBOR/Ybor City business leaders have expressed strong concerns over men in swimwear.  The statement was made that "it doesn't fit in with the Historic Family/Children Friendly Values of Ybor City". REALLY... NO REALLY?!?!?!?! This statement is wrong & laughable on so many levels. First, Ybor City is not children friendly and has not been for a long time. During the cigar haven days the children were forced to work in the cigar factories at age 7 and younger. During prohibition,  they were workers in the legendary tunnels. In the 80's & 90's they roamed Ybor streets in vicious gangs.  Today, Ybor is more family friendly then the past decades. But children out on the street of Ybor after 9pm REALLY??? Shame on those so called parents.  

Next there is definitely a double standard here. Why is it OK for women in string bikinies or worse thongs to stand outside in front of clubs on the sidewalks?  Many times these ladies walk up and down the streets doing promotions. We personaly have no problem with this. It adds to the color, the atmosphere & excitement of Ybor. Now for you to say it's wrong for men to do it is just plain wrong. It is laughable for these businesses to be upset over this when at the same time they making big money from the Gay & Lesbian dollars that are renewing Ybors magic. GaYBOR District is Nationally Recognized as a 'Top 15 USA GLBT Destinations by LOGO TV! '

To the businesses who are not members of GaYBOR who say "You know I'm not homophobic." and/or  "We would like to join but you understand why we can't."  We totally understand. The biggest anti gay homophobic people are actually Gay themselves living in the closet.  We are sure you understand why we choose not to spend our gay money in your businesses.   Have a Nice Day! 

Viva La GaYBOR with over 70+ active members in Ybor City.  11 LGBT Clubs & LGBT nights in the new reborn Ybor City.  200+ GaYBOR members throughout Tampa Bay and South East USA applaud the new GLBT efforts in this National Historic Landmark District."

Business, News, People

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