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Bat brouhaha in New Tampa: 10 News helps tenant, but state says 'not so fast'

New Tampa, FL -- In all his years with Tampa Code Enforcement, Manager Sal Ruggerio says he's never run into this kind of problem: Bats.

And not just bats occupying the attic of a New Tampa home, because that has been known to happen on rare occasion. That's normally remedied pretty quickly.

What's different this time, is that the flying mammals are occupying the home on Long Ridge Road at a time of year that leaves the city, the landlord, and the tenant virtually powerless to do anything about it.

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Road Warrior takes on dangerous Tampa intersection

Charles Peterson and his service dog Jake cross W. Waters Avenue every day to get to Walmart - sometimes twice - and "A Universal Pawn and Loan" co-owner Bill Pendlebury is terrified that they are going to get hit by a car.

"They take their life in their hands every time they cross the street," he said.

Biggg Slim heatin up the streets of Tampa & Lakeland with 3 shows!

Biggg Slim heatin up the streets of Tampa & Lakeland with 3 shows!

Tampa Bay PR firm Bullz Eye Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce Rapper Biggg Slim to their roster.

Biggg Slim and Juvenile have been heatin up the streets all over the South and ready to take their single “Nothing” nationwide! They recently performed in Ft. Lauderdale and have a lot more planned for 2014!

New Tampa homes invaded by bats

Tampa, Florida -- It's an upscale, idyllic neighborhood, except for a few things...bats! The flying mammals have taken up residence in a handful of homes in the Hunter's Green subdivision.

Christina Rojas and her family just moved in this weekend and got a big surprise.

"We were unloading the moving truck and hundreds of bats came flying out," said Rojas.

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Tampa airport's welcome damages Japanese jet

Tampa, Florida -- A Japan Airlines jet was damaged over the weekend after the plane landed at Tampa International Airport. It was slowly pulling up to the gate as a water cannon, typically used for special occasions, was launched.

It's a community bruised, but not broken.

Riverview, Florida -- Fences were ripped to shreds, windows blown out. Now one Riverview community is banding together after a tornado touched down, transforming quiet streets into havens for debris.

It's a community bruised, but not broken.

"(The tornado) was terrifying. I don't even know how else to explain it," said Colonial Estates resident Julie Dickinson. "(I'm) extremely thankful and blessed that the kids, and all the animals, we were all okay and no one got hurt."

Riverview tornado leaves homes battered

Riverview, Florida -- It hit within seconds. A funnel cloud formed and started to drop. Nick Nuvola raced to the windows with his cell phone.

"It was a tornado. I saw touchdown. I thought holy crap that could kill somebody."

Nuvola watched as the funnel touched down and debris started flying. He watched as the confirmed EF0 tornado picked up a shed and slammed it onto the roof of the home. An A/C unit and a riding lawnmower crashed to the ground.

VIDEO: Riverview tornado forms