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It's a community bruised, but not broken.

Riverview, Florida -- Fences were ripped to shreds, windows blown out. Now one Riverview community is banding together after a tornado touched down, transforming quiet streets into havens for debris.

It's a community bruised, but not broken.

"(The tornado) was terrifying. I don't even know how else to explain it," said Colonial Estates resident Julie Dickinson. "(I'm) extremely thankful and blessed that the kids, and all the animals, we were all okay and no one got hurt."

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Riverview tornado leaves homes battered

Riverview, Florida -- It hit within seconds. A funnel cloud formed and started to drop. Nick Nuvola raced to the windows with his cell phone.

"It was a tornado. I saw touchdown. I thought holy crap that could kill somebody."

Nuvola watched as the funnel touched down and debris started flying. He watched as the confirmed EF0 tornado picked up a shed and slammed it onto the roof of the home. An A/C unit and a riding lawnmower crashed to the ground.

VIDEO: Riverview tornado forms

Neighbors help neighbors in tornado's aftermath

Riverview, Florida -- High in the sky above all the massive damage in the Colonial Hills community Friday was a rainbow. Among the chatter of neighbors surveying the damage though there was something else. On almost every corner where the damage was the worst you could see neighbors helping neighbors by boarding up holes, tacking down tarps and picking up debris.

It was a scene that played out from each end of the community to the next.

Detectives solicit tips on girl's murder on Causeway

Tampa, Florida --- It's been just about two weeks since 9-year-old Felecia Williams' body was discovered off of the Courtney Campbell Causeway, and detectives are still looking for answers. And the next step in the investigation is asking for your help, front and center on the road.

"I hope that those involved will be brought to justice," said Williams' mother Felecia Demerson after her daughter's funeral.

Detectives agree. And they still have questions about how 9-year-old Felecia Williams was killed.

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Report of gun locks down Wharton High most of day

Tampa, Florida -- Wharton High School was placed on lock down for most of the day Thursday after a report of a student with a gun on the New Tampa campus.

Hillsborough Sheriff's deputies say shortly after the start of the school day, a student came forward and reported to the school resource deputy that he had seen another male student in possession of a handgun.

BB gun puts King HS on lock down Thursday

Tampa, Florida -- King High School was placed on full lock down Thursday afternoon after a student reported seeing one student hand another student a handgun.

Hillsborough Sheriff's deputies say the school resource officer located the students and interviewed them. One of the students admitted to possessing a BB gun, but had already taken it off campus. It could not be located and the matter was turned over to school officials.

Victims recovering after robbery and chase turns into shooting on I-75

Sun City, Florida -- They were held at gunpoint, fearing for their lives.

Now we're learning more about what happened inside of a Sun City RadioShack that led to a chase and shooting that shut down I-75 for hours.